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A long history in pioneering technological advances, increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

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MOL Ace is part of the MOL Group with an extensive global network of offices and agents and operates one of the world's largest Car Carrier fleet, carrying finished cars, vans, buses, trucks as well as trailers and machinery 

in 1965 MOL introduced the worlds first dedicated car carrier vessel and since then continue our innovation. Recent years have seen the introduction of solar assisted generators; LED lighting; low -friction hull paint; redesigned hulls and bows to reduce resistance; propeller propulsion efficiency systems; augmented reality technology.

 2017 saw the culmination of this approach with the launch of our new "Flexie" generation of vessels, incorporating the latest technologies and including a flexible deck approach allowing the maximisation of vessel payload.


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30 Jun
Notice to Residents of California, USA.

California Consumer Protection Act (“CCPA”)


This notice is issued in accordance with the California Consumer Protection Act (“CCPA”). 

Part I of this notice applies to residents of California who are actual or potential customers of this Company.  Part I of this notice also applies to residents of California who are representing businesses that are actual or potential customers of this Company.

Part II of this notice applies to residents of California who are applying for work with this Company or who are already working for this Company, either as employees or as outside contractors.

Part III of this notice contains information applicable to all residents of California and enables them to enforce their rights under the CCPA.

Part I

Whenever you communicate with us, whether in person, by phone, by mail or over the internet, we will collect personal information about you and/or your business, including names, telephone numbers, post-office addresses, and internet addresses.  We will also collect information about the nature of your business.  We will use this information and any shipment information you provide so that we may offer or arrange transportation services for you or your business. 

Whenever you request us to arrange transportation services, shipment information that you provide, which may include personal information, will be disclosed (i) to governmental agencies as required by law, (ii) to our agents and subcontractors directly involved in the transportation services, which may include owners, operators or charterers of ocean vessels, or (iii) to other subsidiary companies of our parent, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.  Any such disclosure shall be made solely for the purpose of carrying out the transportation services you request.

We will not sell your personal information to others.   

Part II

Residents of California who apply for positions with this Company, either as employees or as outside contractors, will be required at the time of their application to disclose certain personal information (this requirement also applies with regard to Residents of California who apply on behalf of outside contractors).  Such disclosure will be required so that we may evaluate your suitability for a position, and also to satisfy our legal obligations.  If you are hired, all personal information that we have collected, either during the application process or during any period of employment (as an employee or outside contractor), will be used to process you for employment, to facilitate the work, to evaluate your performance, and to comply with legal obligations.

We may disclose your personal information to other subsidiary companies of our parent, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd., solely for the purpose of determining your potential suitability for an available position with one or more of them.  If you accept employment with us (as an employee but not as an outside contractor), we may share your personal information with third parties to enable us to provide fringe benefits to which such employee may be entitled. 

We will not sell any of your personal information to others.   

More specific information concerning the categories of personal information to be collected and, if applicable, to be disclosed to third parties, will be provided at the time of collection and in accordance with any separate request made under Part III of this notice.

Part III

The following rights are subject to (i) any exceptions set forth in the CCPA, and (ii) our legal obligations.  You have the right to ask us, in the manner described below, to identify the personal information about you that we have collected, used and/or disclosed.  You also have the right to request us to delete your personal information.  We will respond to any request you make within the time allowed by the CCPA, so long as we are able to verify your identity.

You also have the right not to receive discriminatory treatment from us by reason of your having exercised your rights under the CCPA, as summarized above.

If you wish to exercise your rights under the CCPA, please contact us using the following methods:

·       Send an e-mail setting forth your request to the following address:



·       You may also contact us at the following number

o   (562) 528-7512

Before we respond to any request, we will require you to verify your identity. 

09 Apr

Due to the Global Emergency Covid-19 situation, there are many changeable and unpredictable aspects in the Shipping Industry. Whilst we will make every effort to continue business as usual  please note that it may become necessary that… 


1. Shipments could be cancelled even after booking confirmation.

2. After departure of loading port, ETA could be significantly delayed and/or may be shipped through a different route than originally planned.

3. In worst case, if cargo cannot be discharged due to POD yard constraints or any other reason related with COVID-19, we may need to temporarily discharge at another port. In case additional cost is incurred we may need to consult with each customer.

MOL will keep our utmost efforts, but the situation in each port may change suddenly even after vessel departure from loading port. We appreciate your kind understanding.

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